About Alex Reeves

After graduating at Leeds Metropolitan University in 1999, with a degree in 3-Dimensional Design (Furniture and Product Design), Alex re-located to London and promptly began work as a Design Assistant and Art Director on TV shows such as: The Salon, Big Brother, A Bear’s Tail (Bo’ Selecta!), Biggest Loser and Project Catwalk.  

Alex has a vast portfolio and has also worked on TV programmes including: House Doctor, Colin and Justin’s How Not to Decorate, Selling Houses (Home and Abroad), Honey I Ruined the House, Build a New Life in the Country, Restoration Man, Phil Spencer’s Secret Agent and was recently Lead Designer appearing onscreen for BBC3’s Mad about the House, and Channel 4’s The Home Show, (series 1 and 2). 

In 2008, Alex was commissioned to re-design the reception/client area of Pinewood Studios sound department, where she designed a bespoke reception desk and sourced all furniture and dressings to give a modern sophisticated feel.  This sparked interest from various clients and even lead to further private office design projects.
When Alex was approached for her latest challenge, Channel 4’s “The Renovation Game”, to be an onscreen designer with just £3,000, 3 builders, and 3 days, to increase the value of each property by an enormous £15,000 she first thought this sounded like a mission impossible.  A ridiculous challenge, which may bring on lots of stress and just another pile of paint-stained clothes!  But then, it was almost like a red rag to a bull ...Alex took up the challenge and ...Guess what it brought? ...Lots of stress and a pile of paint-stained clothes, but also a firm sense of job satisfaction!

Having lost count of the numerous properties she’s transformed and makeovers she’s completed all over the UK and even abroad, Alex can certainly boast of having a wealth of experience when it comes to problem solving and all aspects of interior design and property presentation.  Her wealth of experience has made her a master at House Doctoring and re-presenting houses for sale on large or limited budgets and timescale.

Despite having TV projects as her main line of work, Alex is also available for private hire.  She prides herself on listening to the every need of the client, to ensure maximum satisfaction on completion of any project put her way.

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